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HealthAid® Unwind™ Thisolves™ Mouth Dissolving Strips| With Suntheanine® to Reduce
Stress & Enhance Sleep Quality| Contains Lavender & Hibiscus Extract| Non-Habit Forming
Sleep Strip| 30 Oral Strips
 RAPID ACTION: Our technology converts plant extracts into small particles and the quick
dissolve delivery system ensures the actives are released into the bloodstream for
complete absorption - which means rapid action and faster results. These strips helps in
good quality sleep. Additionally, Suntheanine - an amino acid that promotes relaxation
and reduces stress without causing drowsiness.
 ZERO SUGAR & PLANT GOODNESS: With Zero sugar and plant-based high absorption
Melatonin, Unwind strips promote sleep and trigger our body’s natural clock that
transmits signals to help us stay asleep through the night. Melatonin and Valerian
combined with natural extracts of Lavender and hibiscus help the brain to induce sleep
and are also necessary for creating neurotransmitters like Serotonin that ease the
correlation between sleep problems like anxiety and insomnia.
 RESTFUL SLEEP: Unwind mouth dissolving strips are a solution for those struggling with
restless nights. Suntheanine - The planted form of L-Theanine reduces brain activity,
lowers stress and anxiety to ensure a deep sleep. L-tryptophan reduces the time to fall
asleep and slows down the body for restful sleep. To induce calmness and tranquility,
Valerian, Lavender, Hibiscus and Chamomile are used to improve sleep quality with their
calming and sleep enhancing effects.
 CALM & SOOTHING SLEEP: Developed for Men and Women, our Plant Based quick
release Melatonin helps you Fall Asleep Quickly and wake up Refreshed with Zero side
effects. Whereas our Herbal Valerian helps you with Deep and Sound Sleep, Relief from
Insomnia, Well-regulated Sleep-wake Cycle, Improved REM sleep, Therapeutic Relaxation
& Eases Jet Lag.
 HOW TO USE: Place one Unwind ThiSolves Strip on your Tongue. Let it dissolve. Consume
1 Unwind Strip 30 minutes before bedtime for restful and calm sleep.
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