The Don’t Diet Diet Book by Suman Agarwal

By Suman Agarwal & Tinu Shanghvi Publisher - Vakils, feffer & Simmons Pvt Ltd Released in - 2009

The Don’t Diet Diet Book mantra is easy: Eat! Eat satisfying and deliciously filling food. Eat food that your taste buds will love. Eat so you find your way to good health!The book is the result of over two years of painstaking research, scientific principles of nutrition, rigorous testing and extensive tasting! It features a carefully structured selection of recipes that are healthy, low-fat and very tasty.
The book has been designed with the reader in mind, with easily accessible information on the protein, calcium, iron and fibre content of each ingredient, and simple steps of  preparation. Additionally, the cooking tips and guidelines on how a set of recipes can create a complete meal, make this an invaluable book!

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Unjunked by Suman Agarwal 


Does the idea of "eating right" and "losing weight" conjure up images of steamed veggies and bland roughage? Do you think cooking a healthy meal 3 times a day is tiring and time consuming? Suman Agarwal sets the record straight with Unjunked with over 100 simple, quick and healthy recipes that taste great and curb those junk food cravings. Banish the boring with recipes that come with a nutritional breakdown and tips on ingredients and cooking techniques that will keep you eating smart. One of the best guides to a healthy lifestyle, Unjunked doesn’t deny you any foods. From pav bhaji to bread chaat to mithai, learn how to pick healthy fats, replace “junk” ingredients and lose weight along the way! This book also features: 

  • 7-day weight loss menu
  • Eating out & holiday guides
  • Calorie calculator
  • Calorie swaps 
  • Jain & gluten-free recipes
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Super Kids by Suman Agarwal

Publisher - Penguin Random House Released in - 2015

Catch them young with Super Kids!  Suman Agarwal’s first book for children introduces kids and teenagers  to healthy eating habits and superfoods for their nutrition and development. It explains why these foods are important in a way that’s engaging and easy to understand. Part one of the book has fun trackers like a “junkometer” to show you how to “unjunk” foods and  a calorie chart of popular foods which parents can use to keep track of the calorie content of childrens’ meals. It also includes tools for parents to help their children handle exam stress, the effects of phubbing and FOMO on their self-esteem and other issues related to their health and well-being.
The second part of the book features over 60 lip-smacking recipes. From healthy snacks to nutritious breakfast ideas, the recipes are both Indian and international to suit every taste bud. From Baked Vada Pav and Crispy Alfredo Toast to Frankies, Fudge and Jjello-O, now make all their favourites in hearty new ways. Each chapter of the book addresses important issues related to kids’ health and gives parents the tools needed to tackle them. With obesity becoming a major problem around the world, and with food apps making it increasingly easy to order and eat junk food at home, we need to take swift strides towards teaching our children to eat healthier. Gift your child this book to help them develop a love for healthy food early.

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