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Destress Delight Collagen Smoothie

148 kcal 2 mins

A naturally sweet, cool and calming drink with a perfect blend of berries, veggies and collagen

Chana Jor Bhel

137 kcal 10 mins

Baked chana jor lends a healthy twist to India's popular street snack

Healthy Summer Smoothie Bowl

213 kcal 10 mins

Beat the heat with this super delicious and healthy smoothie bowl which can be had at any time of the...


  • Weight loss, balanced diet, Hormonal imbalance

    In October, grappling with hormonal amenorrhea and a strained relationship with food, I visited Dr. Juhi & Nikeeta. They introduced the concept of breakfast and balanced meals with higher protein—a game-changer for a 26-year-old used to just two meals a day. Over the next 3 months, each week brought transformative changes.Say goodbye to my hangry days and fatigue – they vanished. Not only did I notice improvements in hormonal health, skin, hair, and stamina, but they also nurtured a positive relationship with food, body acceptance, and the understanding that it's okay to enjoy a meal out, indulge, and bounce back. I can now eat guilt-free. They meticulously handled everything, from guiding my restaurant choices to encouraging me to enjoy that cake and reminding me that tough days will pass.They're not just your ordinary next-door dieticians but friends, guides, and confidants, holding you every step of the way. Fostering a healthy relationship with food is something that no one could ever do and is INVALUABLE to me. Now I know that whenever I stray, I have their back.A big, big thank you, hug, and heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Juhi and the ever-so-sweet Nikeeta. Can't wait to be back super soon! 🌟

    Krrisha Patel, 26

  • Weight loss, Diabetes, Kidney issues

    I started my journey with Selfcare in sept 2023 under the guidance of dr Anand punjabi and Shazia. I connected with them for a diabetic friendly diet as my diabetes was not under control for the longest possible time. I am addicted to sweets and sugary snacks so I was a bit apprehensive if I could follow the diet, the two of them with their amazing and easy diet made it possible to not only get my sugars and my hba1c down but I learnt how to control my weight with the right portion balance. I really really don’t enjoy working out but when you see the results on the scale, it’s motivation enough to go on. I was given a proper diet plan every week with options when I go for a meal out which really helped. The best part is they put down the proper portions and when you begin you are not very sure if they will be enough oh but they are. Infact at times I was so worried that I was over eating. They taught me how to manage my mealtimes and how I shld put my health first. So now I actually follow a discipline with meal timings. My aim was not to loose wt but that was a pleasant pleasant surprise. The snacks at Selfcare takes care of cravings without messing your wt or your sugar and they are really tasty. Dr punjabi and Shazia actually motivated me to follow the diet and the excercise regime to the tee. Trust me once you join this plan you will be ok to disappoint everyone around but you hate to see it on their faces 😁😁. They give you a push in the right direction and the recipe book has some super amazing recipes that will help you stay on the diet. Thank you Selfcare, dr punjabi and Shazia for helping me through this. A special mention for the admin and house keeping staff. They are soo soo sweet I have never seen them without a smile and when you enter they know you by face and name, something that doesn’t happen at all businesses.

    Arti Moye, 45

  • Weight Loss, Balanced diet, height hgain

    We have had Selfcare for three months for my 14 year old daughter. She was 10 kgs overweight for her age and height. This affected her hormonal balance and growth also a bit. Most of this was due to wrong food habits that she was pursuing and lack of knowledge about the right food to eat and also right amount of exercise to do. Have to say her nutritionist Shazia has done a fabulous job in making her lose five kgs in three months while keeping her intake balanced and tasty and also encouraging and guiding her all along. No fad meals, no eating untasty or just salad meals which is super hard for children to do. My daughter always looked forward to all her meals which were carefully curated and monitored well by Shazia as she followed up with me and my cooks. I had set up a WhatsApp group for her to monitor the quantity of food supplied to my daughter as we are based in Hong Kong. Also there is always a great blend of Indian and western food that my daughter likes to have. Thank you so much Shazia for your amazing work and I plan to continue her with you definitely the next six months till she can shed another five kgs and attain her desired weight. I do plan on taking a diet plan from you now myself.

    Jaya Kumra, 14

  • Joint health, Weight loss, Hormonal imbalance, Fat loss, Skin health

    I started my journey with Selfcare 1 year back with Dr Anand Punjabi and Dr Vaishali, i went in with a spine issue where i couldnt get a lot of physical activity done and weight loss was crucial for my spine condition, and they took up the challenge and i saw the small changes within 2 weeks! I have been to to a lot of nutrionists with not effective results, but this one had been a game changer, where they dont overhaul your entire food habits, but few tweaks here and there diagnose the issue thats being blocker to weight loss and explain you the fundamental principles so you can even follow it without guidance independently eventually. Its been a year and i have seen wonderful results where i have lost 7kgs and very close to falling under normal fat% range and more than that my health has improved immensely where my pain levels have gone down in terms of my back, mestrual cramps are better and skin has improved a lot too. Definitely recommend it and also advise to trust the process and have parience

    Kinjal Rathod, 32

  • Gut Health, Weight loss, Fatty liver, Balanced diet

    There are a lot of positive reviews here, but the best way to describe my Selfcare experience is: life changing. I lost 23 Kgs plus rid of my fatty liver, acid reflux and many other random body issues.More importantly: I became fit and healthy for the first time in my life.I did not take any special medicine, no keto, no intermittent fasting.Suman Agarwal should be called a Lifestyle coach and not a Nutritionist. She encourages to just go back to the basics. Eat well, sleep well and exercise. I was with them for 9 months and now even after a year after leaving, I still follow the same basic principles without impacting any of my daily life.I didn't go on a diet, I changed the way I live. Go to Selfcare and thank me later :)

    Akrit Vaish, 37

  • High Cholestrol, Gut health, Weight Loss, Sleep apnea

    Extremely satisfied with the program. The program is designed to work around normal eating but with a focus on healthier and balanced diet. Very systematic and weekly calls with my nutritionist, Mona, to guide along and with inputs from Dr. Anand and Suman Agarwal. I am based in US and still was able to follow easily and got amazing results in just 2 months. My family also started following similarly. An advise for new starters - make sure you track in their app as that helps to stay on track and follow their suggestions as asked.

    Akshay Talati, 54

  • Diabetes, Balanced diet, Weight loss, Gut Health

    I’ve been to Suman Agarwal’s clinic for two different consulting periods over the last 10 years. This has been the only dietician who was able to encourage me to have long term lifestyle changes to bring my weight down to a more optimal level. This is much better than the more extreme diet methods that cause your weight to go up again after you finish your sessions with them. I highly suggest visiting Selfcare for any obesity related issues

    Akhil Sahani, 49

  • Weight loss, Sleep apnea, Gut Health

    I joined Self-care in November 2022 with an intent to lose weight and rectify some health issues, mainly sleep apnea. I have to say the experience was extremely smooth. The diet itself was not difficult to follow and I was supported by Pameli and Adity Ma am brilliantly. I was also very happy to get the expert guidance of Suman Maam and Dr Juhi. The Self-care app is an exciting new addition to the program, which makes it so much easier to track things, it's super user friendly and very well thought out.I am continuing with Self-care to reach my target health goals and am grateful to them for educating me on the right way towards nutrition and exercise, which is sustainable and not restrictive. Thank you so much!

    Anvita Tantia, 41

  • Pregnancy Nutrition, Balanced diet, High Blood pressure

    Dear Dr. Suman/Dr. Vishaka, Sincere Thank you from the bottom of our heart for so kindly and graciously helping to out to take care of me during my pregnancy fully complimentary. Very rarely do we find people who go all the way out to help others. Thank you Dr. Suman with folded hands to personally mointer my high risk pregnancy and help my baby achieve the desired weight. Thank you Dr. Vishaka, who daily mointered my progress and help me tweak my diet as pregnancy progressed. Wishing Team Suman Agarwal a super success.

    Havove Davar, 45

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