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From weight loss to management, every programme is personalised by healthcare experts, nutritionists and doctors.

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We’ve made munchies taste marvellous so it is easier than ever to soothe those cravings and stick to your wellness goals.

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Make your exercise goals a reality at YKBI, fitness guru Yasmin Karachiwala’s Pilates Studios at SelfCare.

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Health Program

Each individual is different and so are your  health goals.SelfCare offers highly personalised packages that cater to your diverse needs, while recognising the importance of your cultural and social demands. Be it weight loss or management, our experts know exactly what to put on your plate.

  • Mother Care

    Mother Care

    Pregnancy and lactation demand exceptional nutrition for both mother and child. Our Mother Care Program supports maternal health and foetal development with nutrient-dense food plans and physical activity recommendations, tailored to each trimester. Our experienced team will be by your side every step of the way, addressing concerns like postpartum weight and empowering new mothers to make informed choices for a healthy experience.

  • Diabeties


    The management of diabetes requires a comprehensive approach. SelfCare’s distinctive diabetes programs include several strategies, each personalized to the client, to stabilize blood sugar levels. Whether its portion control or strategic meal timings, our plans integrate lifestyle modifications and regular physical activity with nutrition to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce potential health complications.

  • Health & Weight Management

    Health & Weight Management

    Our comprehensive approach to heart health management improves cardiovascular wellness through customized nutrition and lifestyle mediations. The programs are designed to promote heart-healthy habits, focusing on the correct foods, portion control and consistent physical activity. By addressing factors such as cholesterol, blood pressure and inflammation, we also educate our clients on how to enhance their overall well-being.

  • Gut Health

    Gut Health

    From poor digestion and an imbalanced microbiome to sleep disruptions and skin disorders, an unhealthy gut can influence almost every aspect of our body’s functioning. At SelfCare, our goal is to safeguard your metabolic efficiency through well-rounded meal plans. Our plans incorporate balanced portions of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, supplemented with prebiotics and probiotics to ensure optimal nutrition.

  • PCOS


    Our program excels in helping women manage hormonal imbalances caused by Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or Disease. Symptoms including irregular periods, sweet cravings and weight gain are eased through individualized adjustments to their diet and lifestyle. By addressing both these components, our easy-to-implement plan empowers women to confidently navigate PCOS and enhance their overall wellbeing.

  • Thyroid


    Our programs are crafted for both overactive and underactive thyroid function and prescribe necessary dietary changes in combination with essential medical intervention. The treatment of thyroid disease in order to produce the appropriate levels of hormones, must include both lifestyle and medical adjustments, and our personalized programs are built on these integral health requirements.

  • Weight Loss

    Weight Loss

    Our strategy for weight management emphasizes nutrition education, personalized meal plans and recommendations for physical activity. We begin with understanding the underlying causes of your weight gain and then create a plan that enhances metabolism and addresses nutritional deficiencies. Without imposing strict restrictions, our prescribed meals will never leave you hungry and easily fit into your schedule, making them a sustainable part of your life.

  • Weight Gain

    Weight Gain

    Insufficient calorie consumption could signal nutrient deficiencies absorption and other undetected health conditions. A below-optimal body weight will increase your susceptibility to disease and compromise immunity. SelfCare strives to offer nourishing meal plans that stimulate ideal nutritional absorption, while also identifying and overcoming your specific underlying obstacles. We help ensure a balance of bone mass, muscle mass and fat mass in appropriate proportions.

  • Sports Nutrition

    Sports Nutrition

    Our sports nutrition plans optimize performance, promote muscle recovery and accelerate healing from injuries through specialized dietary strategies. Whether you're a competitive athlete or a fitness enthusiast, SelfCare experts are here to help you reach your full potential with tailor-made plans that will fuel workouts, support muscle repair and promote long-term athletic development.

  • Nutrition for Kids

    Nutrition for Kids

    Nutrition is a key ingredient in a child’s growth and development. We treat our young clients with an extra dose of care and fun foods that support both their physical health (height, weight, hormonal changes) and boost their cognitive health (memory, learning). Their balanced plans are rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats, while ultimately cultivating an early healthy eating habit.

  • Bone and Joint Health

    Bone and Joint Health

    Our unique approach to bone health involves customized nutrition plans and lifestyle interventions that optimize bone density, promote joint mobility and alleviate discomfort. Whether it's preventing osteoporosis or managing arthritic symptoms, our holistic strategies incorporate foods like first class proteins and healthy fats, targeted supplements and exercise recommendations and foster sustainable habits for long-term vitality and quality of life.

  • Senior Care

    Senior Care

    The nutritional needs and health concerns of senior citizens undergo significant shifts as they age, making geriatric care an imperative aspect of their overall health management. We specialize in nutrition plans unique to specific needs of the aged. With nutrient-rich foods, portion control, physical activity and gentle lifestyle modifications, we empower older adults to become resilient, manage any chronic conditions and gain energy.

  • Menopause


    Menopause signifies a crucial phase in every woman's life with marked hormonal shifts and several changes in her body. At SelfCare, we support women through this transition with one-on-one guidance and holistic approaches that include individualized nutrition plans, lifestyle adjustments, vital supplementation and emotional support. Our program is built to alleviate symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings, and to promote bone health and weight management.

  • Diabetes/ Insulin Resistance

    Diabetes/ Insulin Resistance

    The management of diabetes requires a comprehensive approach. SelfCare’s distinctive diabetes programs include several strategies, each personalized to the client, to stabilize blood sugar levels. Whether its portion control or strategic meal timings, our plans integrate lifestyle modifications and regular physical activity with nutrition to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce potential health complications.

  • Kidney Care

    Kidney Care

    The hallmark of our kidney care plan is to empower clients to make informed choices that will effectively manage their kidney conditions. This approach reduces the workload on these vital organs, controls blood pressure and maintains a fluid and electrolyte balance while fulfilling every nutritional requirement.

  • Fatty Liver

    Fatty Liver

    The SelfCare plans targeting fatty liver disease reduce fat build-up in liver cells and promote liver health through individualized nutrition plans with portion control. We integrate lifestyle modifications to combat inflammation and guide clients on the effects of alcohol consumption and medications known to exacerbate fatty liver.

  • Cancer


    Cancer is a complex disease that necessitates nutrition play an integral role in combating the spread of the disease. Our nutrition plans, tailored to each client’s treatment regimen, support the body's ability to cope with treatment challenges, alleviate side effects and strengthen their immunity. SelfCare experts and consulting doctors also provide dedicated support and counselling throughout the healing journey.

  • Autoimmune Conditions

    Autoimmune Conditions

    Our practice addresses the underlying factors of autoimmune conditions, such as nutrient deficiencies and gut health disturbances, to reduce inflammation and tissue damage, and optimize immune function. Through tailored dietary plans and one-on-one guidance on stress management techniques, SelfCare provides comprehensive support so clients can better manage their symptoms and support the body's natural healing processes.

  • Neurological Conditions

    Neurological Conditions

    At SelfCare, we understand the intricate connection between nutrition and neurological health. Together with medical advice, our programs for neurological conditions aim to enhance overall wellbeing and tackle disorders affecting the brain, spinal cord and associated nerve signaling. We provide a holistic approach to symptoms such as tremors, seizures and cognitive impairment along with appropriate recommendations for physical activity.

  • Eating Disorders

    Eating Disorders

    SelfCare provides compassionate, personalized care to address the unique needs of each individual dealing with an eating disorder. A multidisciplinary approach combines nutritional counselling, therapy and mindfulness practices to address and heal the complex mental health disorders and resulting problematic eating behaviors. We empower clients to develop a positive relationship with food and their body, and reclaim their health.

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Other Services That We Offer


BTL offers a safe and non-invasive technology to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Thermal energy is used to stimulate collagen, resulting in firmer and healthier looking skin. It has proven effective for those with loose skin following excessive weight loss, as well as for cellulite.

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Corporate Wellness Programs

Ours is a company built on the importance of wellness. And so we understand only too well how essential it is for a business to have their team’s health and well-being at the front and centre of their people strategy. Your employees spend the majority of their days at work, most likely at a desk, and with minimal movement. Too much screen time, barely any fresh air and long hours take a toll on their productivity and morale. Our corporate wellness programs are designed to support a healthy lifestyle, even while at work. Speak to us about seminars on nutrition, guidance on healthy eating and movement, and for personalised diet plans and easy exercise schedules for your team members.

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School Nutrition Programs

Many studies have shown that eating habits are established early in one’s life cycle, and tend to carry on through adulthood. Our specialized nutrition programs for students have been created with the singular aim of educating children about the importance of nutrition and the joy of healthy eating from  a young age. By investing in their wellness education you will empower them to make healthy lifestyle choices for the rest of their lives. The right nutrition guidance not only helps them attain an optimal height and weight balance but also enhances their academic and athletic performance. Speak to us about programs that includes an annual health education curriculum, diet and exercise consultations with the children and their parent and creating balanced school canteen menus.

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