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India’s most sought after celebrity nutritionists in the business. She seamlessly blends food with science to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle

An Oxford certified Nutritionist, a qualified Fitness expert, a Food Guru, and the founder of SelfCare; “Suman Agarwal” is one of India's most sought after celebrity nutritionists who seamlessly blends food with science to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle.Suman holds an expertise of more than  20 years in her field and has been influencing the lives of over 20,000 people across the globe including India's most powerful Industrialists and Bollywood personalities.Suman’s passion for culinary art has led her to author 3 books ,‘The Don’t Diet Diet Cookbook’, ‘Unjunked’ and ‘Superkids’ because she swears by the fact that food is an indulgence. Undeniably, all her books have gone into several reprints, and the fourth cookbook is well on its way due to soar in public demand. She has contributed to several publications like DNA, Femina, Beauty & Salon and has been featured on Star News and in magazines such as the Vogue, Chitralekha, Bombay Times, Asian age, Mid-day and the Hindustan Times.She has been honoured with prestigious awards including, ‘Best Nutritionist’ at the Vogue Beauty Awards (2015), and Aparajita (2018), and has also won the title of the ‘Best Bridal Image Maker’ by Wedding Sutra (2018). Last year, she launched her much-awaited luxe mithai brand—Mishtaa By Suman Agarwal, making sure nutritious, guilt-free sweet treats are a part of everyday diets. She ensures that no moment, no day, no occasion passes without a Mishtaa, that's loaded with benefits and made with love.SelfCare, with a team of more than 15 specialists, has built a reputation as a leader in the nutrition industry. We currently operate three branches in Mumbai (Tardeo, Juhu, and Matunga) and one branch in Kolkata. Teaming up with YKBI by Yasmin Karachiwala, our three Mumbai Pilates studios are dedicated to promoting holistic well-being through the mind-body-soul connection, with the aim of helping clients achieve overall health and happiness. She recently launched a brand of nutritious sweet treats called Mishtaa By Suman Agarwal.Suman believes in not just achieving excellence but to revolutionize the way health and nutrition are viewed in our country. She has a vision to soar far and high, she knows diet beyond papers and ensures a holistic approach. Suman takes you through your very first step of change until you become the change.



Doctor & Clinical Nutritionist

Inspired by her mother’s passion to teach people how to lead a healthier life, Suman Agarwal’s daughter Juhi chose to follow in her footsteps. She took this passion a step further and first gained an MBBS (Dr DY Patil Medical College, Mumbai) and went on to enhance her qualifications with Post Graduate Diplomas in Nutrition (King’s College London) and in Diabetes (University of Leicester).By integrating medicine and nutrition, Juhi is in a unique place to practise preventive medicine while emphasising the benefits of a balanced approach to food and lifestyle.Her aim is to open a holistic clinic dedicated to patients with Type 2 diabetes and support them in both the  medical and nutritional management of the ailment.Juhi is  co-author of the e-cookbook ‘Healthier Together’.


Doctor & Clinical Nutritionist

Anand’s interest in nutrition started brewing during the time he worked in the field of intensive care. With a wealth of experience in treating chronic medical conditions behind him, he went on to compliment his medical knowledge with a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Nutrition and Dietetics (Symbiosis College, Pune) and certified course in clinical nutrition from Exercise Science Academy (American College of Sports Medicine). In the past 4 years, Anand has effectively managed clients with hypertension, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, autoimmune disorders and even cancers through personalized interventions made through simple and sustainable lifestyle changes. His niche skill set of combining nutrition with effective disease management and prevention has helped transformed several lives.


Head of Operations and Marketing

Priyanka Aggarwal, the eldest of Suman Agarwal’s three daughters, holds a BA Hons in Interior Design (University). It was her love for cooking and her involvement in the book ‘Unjunked’ that drew her into the SelfCare family; first with small projects, and later with the reinvention of SelfCare’s online presence and the launch of Mishtaa, Suman Agarwal’s nutritious mithai brand, in 2021. Today Priyanka is the head of operations and marketing and is responsible for the public relations of their ever-growing company.


Head of Business Development and Strategy

Komal Agarwal, the youngest daughter of Suman Agarwal, holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (University). Her strategic and structured interventions have catapulted SelfCare into a brand to be reckoned with, since she joined in 2018. Komal has led the automation of various operational processes, in addition to establishing their e-commerce platform, revamping the website, launching the SelfCare App and managing the social media. Komal is also responsible forSelfCare’s wide range of healthy snacks and nutraceuticals.


Adity Killa

Kolkata Branch Head & Senior Nutritionist

Adity joined SelfCare in 2005 and is a certified Clinical Nutritionist. An avid cook and voracious reader, her clients love her warmth and appreciate her empathy.

- Adity Killa

Vaishali Shah

Matunga Branch Head & Senior Nutritionist

A skilled nutritionist with additional certification in exercise and fitness, Vaishali is a foodie who balances her diet with belly dancing.

- Vaishali Shah

Vishakha Shah

Tardeo Branch Head & Senior Nutritionist

A caffeine fiend and big foodie, Vishakha leads our Tardeo branch. Her ideas for fun include aerobics and belly dancing.

- Vishakha Shah

Mona Shaikh

Senior Nutritionist & Branch Head of Juhu

A graduate in microbiology, music-loving Mona then went on to achieve a postgraduate diploma in nutrition and dietetics.

- Mona Shaikh

Shaziya Gupta

Senior Nutritionist

Shazia is a nutritionist, certified fitness trainer and a yoga instructor, consulting at both our Tardeo and Juhu clinics.

- Shaziya Gupta

Nikeeta Jedhe


When Nikeeta is not advising clients on nutrition and sports, you will find her meditating or trekking.

- Nikeeta Jedhe

Pooja Gada


Pooja has additional qualifications as a diabetes educator and consults with our clients at all three Mumbai clinics.

- Pooja Gada

Pameli Seal

Senior Nutritionist

An avid reader, a quizzer and music lover, our senior nutritionist Pameli is also a qualified diabetic educator.

- Pameli Seal

Navni Rohatgi

Senior Nutritionist

Navni's love for reading was legendary at her college where she pursued her Master's in Food and Nutrition.

- Navni Rohatgi

Vibha Rane

Head of Operations

SelfCare’s first ever employee, Vibha today heads the company’s operations, and balances her demanding work life with dance and long walks by the sea.

- Vibha Rane

Anushka Patkar


Anushka is a new SelfCare recruit, with degrees in clinical nutrition and specialised dietetics.

- Anushka Patkar

Shraddha Jhaveri

Visual Communications Specialist

Since 2016, Shraddha contributes her Art & Design expertise from Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai to SelfCare. She crafts captivating marketing materials and enjoys travel, architecture, and music exploration

- Shraddha Jhaveri

Anjali Kanodia

Culinary Director

Anjali, with Selfcare since 2001, leads culinary content creation for books and social media. Passionate about health trends, she enjoys music and seaside walks

- Anjali Kanodia

Leann Rapose

Front Office Coordinator

Leann, with Selfcare since March 2020, holds a Bachelor's in Arts and a Travel and Tourism Diploma. She adeptly manages Front Desk Operations and Administration. Outside work, she enjoys singing and exploring new destinations

- Leann Rapose

Saee Patil

Sales Executive

Saee, joining Selfcare in December 2021 with a Bachelor's in Arts, assists Nutritionists in data entry and works as a sales executive. Outside, she enjoys photography and dancing.

- Saee Patil

Aarohi Raut

Front Office Coordinator

Aarohi, a valuable SelfCare team member since 2021, blends positivity and attention to detail. With a Commerce and Economics background, she excels in finance, front desk management, and YKBI appointment scheduling.

- Aarohi Raut

Jaya Chakor

Point of Sale Specialist

Jaya, joining SelfCare in 2021, transitioned from Purchase Manager to Point of Sale Specialist due to her interest in sales. She also enjoys celebrating festivals and dancing.

- Jaya Chakor

Nanditha Enagandula

Point of Sale Specialist

Nanditha, leading SelfCare's Sales team since 2009, excels in e-commerce order management. Outside work, she enjoys music and family time.

- Nanditha Enagandula

Snehal Godse

Sr. Accountant

Snehal, joining SelfCare in 2023, serves as an invaluable Senior Accountant, renowned for dedication and a proactive approach. Her continual learning drives both personal and organizational success.

- Snehal Godse

Palak Bavishi


Palak, a nutritionist and fitness enthusiast with a Master’s from UCL, loves promoting health. She enjoys movies, learning French, and exploring culinary delights.

- Palak Bavishi

Kabita Singh

Nutritionist & Administrator

Kabita, with SelfCare since 2007, handles accounts. She enjoys watching TV outside of work.

- Kabita Singh

Bharti Sharma

Product & Office Administrator

Bharti joined SelfCare in 2017, managing products and office tasks. She enjoys singing, counseling, traveling, Hindi literature, and swimming.

- Bharti Sharma






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  • Dr. Gaurish Kenkre


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