Bespoke Health Design

Over two decades, Suman Agarwal has fine-tuned her bespoke health programs to a fine art. The key to over 20,000 success stories by SelfCare clients has been highly personalized healthcare and customized nutrition plans. Our goal is to help you make health a holistic way of life and we also support your wellness goals with fitness studios, healthful foods, cookbooks and much more.

Our Health Programs

From weight loss to weight management, whether preventing or  reversing ailments, supporting geriatric care or aiding a child’s growth and development, every single SelfCare program is the result of a meticulous collaboration between healthcare experts, seasoned nutritionists and experienced doctors.

Weight & Health Management

Our approach seamlessly integrates the wisdom of traditional food science with cutting-edge medical research and internationally recognised practices. With a keen focus on customization, our solutions are sustainable, promote long-lasting results, and are tailored to preventing and reversing ailments. We prioritize fortifying the immune system, augmenting the body’s natural defences to maintain optimal hair, skin, muscle and bone health.

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Diet for Diabetic Patients

SelfCare’s distinctive diabetes programs include several strategies, each personalized to the client, to stabilize blood sugar levels. We have developed a comprehensive approach to manage or reverse diabetes and reduce potential health complications.

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MotherCare Programs

Pregnancy and lactation demand exceptional nutrition for both mother and child. An experienced SelfCare team leads our Mother Care Program, tailoring food plans and exercise regimes to support maternal health and fetal development in each trimester.

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Gut Health

From poor digestion and an imbalanced microbiome to sleep disruptions and skin disorders, an unhealthy gut can influence almost every aspect of our body’s functioning. At SelfCare, our goal is to safeguard your metabolic efficiency through well-rounded meal plans. Our plans incorporate balanced portions of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, supplemented with prebiotics and probiotics to ensure optimal nutrition.

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Vital Nutrition for Your Body & Mind

Healthy Snacks

You Don’t Have To Say ‘no’ To Snacks Anymore!

Recipes & More

Protein Waffles

187 kcal 15 mins

A modern way of making the traditional moong dal chilla

Dahi-Puri Detoxed

110 kcal 50 mins

An unjunked version of your street side favorite dahi-puri, makes for a perfect healthy party snack!

Is Rice Fattening?

The gorgeous and svelte Kareen Kapoor Khan swears by dal-rice khichdi... Here’s why To eat or not to eat rice?...

Our Testimonials

  • Lost 56 kgs over 2½ years

    Weekly counselling with her nutritionist, informed guidance about the right doctors and realistic weight and fitness goals helped Shristi achieve her healthy body weight.

    Shristi Goel, 29

  • Lost 20 kgs in 5 months

    Nikhil was as committed to his health as his team of SelfCare health experts. Carefully guided by Suman Agarwal, the team ensured that his weight loss goals were met swiftly and safely.

    Nikhil Shah, 54

  • Lost 8 kgs in 3 months

    Janu persevered during one of the most challenging times – the lockdown. She was assigned a senior nutritionist who never let up on supporting and motivating her client towards her goal.

    Janu Chanwani, 39

  • Lost 11 kgs in 4 months

    Shahid’s regiment was tailor-made to take into account his varied food preferences and strict routine. The result was a sustainable plan that not only helped him lose weight but also normalised other health parameters.

    Shahid Shaikh, 33

  • Lost 10 kgs in 3 months

    Regular online follow ups and rigorous monitoring by Suman Agarwal and managing his protein intakeand fibre intake in the diet ensured that not only did Amish lose weight but our plan also aided in improving his blood parameters.

    Amish Lakhani, 45

  • Lost 8 kgs in 6 months

    Shruti was the epitome of dedication. We gently guided her away from under eating so she could learn how to eat enough and yet lose the bulge.

    Shruti Dodia, 36

  • Lost 16 kgs in 7 months

    Janit’s hormonal imbalance was contributing to his weight gain and so our first step was to consult with the right doctor. His nutritionist prepared a diet that took into account the medical advice and his routine, and ensured he lost weight and inches at a safe rate.

    Janit Bilve, 26

  • Lost 30 kgs over 2 years

    Gave her a balanced diet.Being a non vegetarian - we made sure to include atleast 2 meals a day with either chicken/ egg/ fish. She went to abroad (Budapest) for further studies while on the plan, hence we also made sure that her diet was easy to follow, with ample take out options and interesting menus.

    Parna Mandal, 26

  • Lost 22.5 kg in 6 months

    Neither the long-distance consultations, nor the time difference between Kevi and the SelfCare team came in the way of achieving our client’s weight loss goals. Her diligence was of course a key ingredient in her own success.

    Kevi Eringeri, 52

  • Lost 14.5 kgs in 4 months

    Taufique had given up on other diets before. But this time was different. He asked for a sustainable diet rather than a restrictive one and we delivered. Lucky for him, the backbone of every SelfCare program is to make it part of the client’s lifestyle for life!

    Taufique Madiye, 45

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