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How does the Program work?

We will help you create an individualized treatment plan tailored to your specific goals. We have weekly follow ups in which we tweak your diet, add options and plan travel menu or outside meals. 

How strict is the diet and what  is the exercise plan?

At SelfCare we know through experience that if one is prescribed a  very strict and limited diet, they will not be able to sustain it over a longer period. SelfCare’s aim is to guide you in adopting food habits that you will follow forever. And so, we provide a well-balanced plan for each of your four main meals (breakfast, lunch, evening snack and dinner) consisting of easy recipes, food that is normally cooked at your home and personalized to your palate. We prescribe quantities depending on the client’s age, height, body-frame and medical history. 

The exercise regimen is meticulously planned, again keeping in view the client’s current fitness level, agility, the food plan and their goals.

Does Suman Agarwal meet the clients personally?

Yes, Suman Agarwal meet every single client personally for their first consultation. Subsequent appointments depend on the program you choose or when there is a need to evaluate specific  reports or  in the case a desired result has not yet been achieved.

What is the difference between a program with Suman Agarwal and one with her senior nutritionists?

Please refer to our six different programs - Gold, Jade, Platinum, Onyx, Diamond and Emerald - which have been created to cater to the different needs of a client.

How do I know which program will suit me best?

Suman Agarwal and her SelfCare team will personally guide you to the right program after duly considering your gender, age, height, medical history, blood reports, personal goals and lifestyle demands. We also have the facility of one-time oral consultation with Suman or our Senior Nutritionist.

Do I need to pay upfront or in installments?

The fee can be paid in two installments if the program you choose is for 6 months or longer. 50 % upfront and 50% after 2 months.

Is there a special discount for a family or a couple?

Yes, SelfCare offers special packages for couples and for families of 4 or more when they join together.

How soon can we get an appointment?

The current waiting period is 5-7 days for in-person appointments. We do make exceptions sometimes for those with medical emergencies, those visiting from out of town or if you choose a  premium package.

Do we get a grace period in case we are unable to achieve the target weight within the timeframe of the program?

Yes, depending on the program a client has selected. A Gold program  client gets up to a 2-week extension, while Platinum and Diamond program clients get up to a 4-week extension on their plan.

Do you insist on elaborate blood tests?

We recommend basic blood tests depending on your medical issues, an inability to lose weight or medical history, which can help us in identifying the reason behind your current health condition and also tackle any vitamin deficiency. We have also introduced personal genomic tests which can help you identify your risk for developing 25 of the most common diseases including cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

Do you give pills to lose weight?

Never.  SelfCare is built on the principles of managing weight in a safe and healthy manner. We never prescribe pills to lose weight. We have a holistic approach to  diet plans and support your diet with essential vitamins and an exercise schedule that will aid in improving your immunity, stamina, fat metabolism and basal metabolism. When you join our program we make sure that you are only losing fat and not muscle, hair, skin or your mind.

Do you have plans for children as well?

Yes. We have 2-4 month health management plans for children to support fat loss, weight loss, height gain, sports nutrition and problems such as weight gain, low immunity, low vitamin levels and hormonal irregularities.

Do you have packages other than weight loss such as detox plans or bridal packages?

Yes. We have packages for brides-to-be that focus on healthy hair, skin, nails, weight loss and body toning. If your big day is 2-3 months away you can consider our Bridal Program that includes a special diet and non invasive aesthetic treatments to remove any stubborn areas of fat. 

Our detox plans are part of an annual challenge program that includes a 4-week limited diet and detox meals. 

Can we gift your program to our family or friends?

Yes, of course. There is no better gift than a  gift of health and well-being. Please call us on +91 22 61312222 and a SelfCare consultant will help you with more information about  our gift vouchers.