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SelfCare by Suman

Honey & Oats Cookies

Honey & Oats Cookies

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Oat cookies are a great alternative to biscuits because they have the same mouthfeel as biscuits but are a lot healthier. SelfCare’s honey oatmeal cookies are made of wheat flour and oats, instead of processed and high-fat ingredients. This is what makes our cookies a lot healthier than alternatives available on the market. For sweetness, we use honey and a sprinkling of cinnamon. Oats is great for digestion and contains important mineral and vitamins whereas honey is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory compounds.

All our ingredients are natural and of premium quality, so you can be sure that you are consuming only the best. Snack on our healthy biscuits as is or enjoy them as a mid-evening snack with a cup of warm chai or coffee. You could also have them as dessert to satiate your sweet cravings. Our honey oat cookies come packed in a slender bottle, making it convenient for you to carry around in your bag. Always keep a bottle or two of our honey oatmeal cookies handy so that you are always snacking right.

High fibre

For sweet cravings


Low calorie

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Nutritional Values - 19g (5 cookies)











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