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Enjoy better digestion with Nucgnex Fitofy natural fibre supplement. Fiber, often referred to as roughage, is the indigestible for of carbohydrates. It is largely derived from plant sources, like vegetables, grains, nuts. Dietary fibre has several health benefits. It aids digestion and even promotes weight loss. Insufficient amount of fibre is a common problem and leads to several digestive issues. 

Make up for this deficiency with Fitofy, the best fibre supplement. It contains natural fibre for constipation relief. Its well-balanced formula helps control diabetes, reduce fat and improve bowel function. One serving of this soluble fibre supplement provides 5 grams of dietary fibre. It is a water-soluble dietary fibre supplement. It contains a blend of soluble fibre – Inulin, Resistant maltodextrin, Partially Hydrolysed Gaur Gum. 

For diabetes management add 2 scoops in 100-gram atta and consume the high fibre roti/chapati or consume a Fitofy solution 1 – 2 times a day, 30 minutes before meals. Make this solution by mixing one full teaspoon 5 grams approx.) with water or honey. Drink the solution in the frequency and manner prescribed above. This is soluble, unflavoured, sugar-free dietary fibre. 

Gut health

Reduces Cholesterol

Fibre Rich

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Nutritional Values - 6g









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