Swati Snacks

Tardeo & Cuffe Parade, Mumbai

Tradition Reinvented: Swati Snacks, a cherished name in old restaurant chains, continues to serve the best of Gujarati cuisine. Now, delight in our expanded menu featuring multi-cuisine options, all thoughtfully upgraded to offer healthier choices. Experience the essence of Gujarat with a contemporary twist at Swati Snacks

One pot

  • Baked Fada ni khichdi¬†
  • Fada ni khichdi¬†
  • Dal Dhokli¬†
  • Paneer lifafa
  • Methi Bajra Falafel

  • Dhansak RIce¬†
  • Bajri paneer pizza¬†
  • Ragda pattice¬†
  • Dahi misal¬†
  • Khichdi Kadhi (avoid batata nu shak)

Mini Meal

  • Satpadi roti + Gatta nu shaak
  • Thali Peeth + Pithla¬†

High protein 

  • Paneer chilla¬†
  • Moong dal chilla + Bhaji (of pav Bhaji)
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