Project Hum

Bandra, Mumbai

A cosy farm-to-table restaurant where every bite is a conscious stride towards sustainable eating, inviting foodies to savour guilt-free delicacies.

Vegetarian options:

  1. Italiano salad 
  2. Bowl: Farmhouse millet with tofu
  3. Bowl: Rad thai with tofu
  4. Low carb: Keto burrito with tofu 
  5. Low carb: Pali caesar salad with tofu

Non-vegetarian options:

  1. Sandwich: Chicken avocado sandwich
  2. Wrap: Chicken Souvlaki Wrap
  3. Bowl: Donburi bowl with fish
  4. Bowl: Rad thai bowl with chicken
  5. Field plate: grilled chicken OR grilled fish with keto caulirice and proso millet tabbouleh 
  6. Salad: Sabbich salad with chicken
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