Bombay Salad Co

Bandra, Mumbai

Established in 2014, Bombay salad Co, is amongst the first salad-only restaurants in the city and is currently the Largest salad bar in the country where they offer fresh, simple and clean eating.

Vegetarian options:

Salads and Bowls:

  1. The italian
  2. Bombay Salad
  3. The Samurai
  4. The Hipster + protein like tofu or paneer
  5. The Dynamite 
  6. Low Carb: Low Carb veggie bowl
  7. The Malabar Bowl Zaatar Cottage Cheese

Wraps & Sandwiches:

  1. The paneer tikka sandwich or wrap 
  2. Vegan Rainbow sandwich or wrap 

Non-vegetarian options:


  1. Grilled chicken and couscous salad
  2. The Red Samurai
  3. Super Mario
  4. The Omega 3
  5. The Firecracker
  6. Nut cracker
  7. Low Carb: Protein overdose
  8. Low Carb: The 6 pack
  9. Low Carb: Low carb chicken bowl
  10. Low Carb: The Pehelwan
  11. The Malabar Bowl Grilled Chicken

Wraps & Sandwiches:

  1. The Chicken and Caramelised Onion Sandwich or Wrap
  2. The Grilled chicken and avocado Sandwich
  3. The Chicken Tikka wrap or Sandwich
  4. The Pali Chicken wrap or Sandwich
  5. The Muhammrah and chicken sandwich or wrap 
  6. The Creamy tuna sandwich or wrap 
  7. The Smoked Salmon sandwich or wrap
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