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SelfCare by Suman



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Who says healthy food has to taste bland or bad? Unjunked sets the record straight by serving up over 100 healthy recipes that also taste great and also subsides your cravings for junk food. The book has been written by Suman Agarwal, who is a nutritionist herself, and also the founder of Selfcare. These 100+ healthy recipes are tried-and-tested by the expert herself, so you can be sure this is one of the best diet and nutrition books around. Each healthy recipe comes with a complete nutritional breakdown, as well as tips on ingredients and techniques that will keep you eating smart. This is also one of the best books on healthy lifestyle because it doesn’t demonise or deny our urge to eat fatty foods. But it helps pick healthy fats over bad ones, so that you get to enjoy flavour and good health. From pav bhaji to bread chaat to mithais, this book contains all these recipes, only, the “junk” ingredients are replaced with healthier, but equally tasty ones so that junk food now becomes healthy junk food! 

This book on eating healthy features: 

  • Weight loss section 
  • Ingredients that are easily available 
  • Nutritionally balanced recipes 
  • Simple, quick and easy-to-make recipes 
  • Recipes divided according to meal times to make it easy to plan your meals 
  • Seven-day sample weight loss menu 
  • Eating out guide 
  • Holiday survival guide 
  • Calorie calculator 
  • Calorie swap 
  • Jain and gluten-free recipes 
  • No artifice, everything is 100 % natural (food shot exactly as cooked) 
  • Complete nutritional breakdown of each recipe given 
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Product Based Recipes

Destress Delight Collagen Smoothie

148 kcal 2 mins

A naturally sweet, cool and calming drink with a perfect blend of berries, veggies and collagen

Chana Jor Bhel

137 kcal 10 mins

Baked chana jor lends a healthy twist to India's popular street snack

Healthy Summer Smoothie Bowl

213 kcal 10 mins

Beat the heat with this super delicious and healthy smoothie bowl which can be had at any time of the...