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SelfCare by Suman

Super Kids

Super Kids

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Want to introduce your child to healthy eating? Suman Agarwal’s Super Kids is the perfect book for this. This book sheds light on the super foods required by kids and teens for good health. It also explains why these foods are important is a way that’s engaging and easy to understand. This part also deals with topics like how to handle exam stress and how to ‘un-junk’ junk food. The author provides a junkometer, which helps you track calorie values and score points for popular junk foods. The book also contains a calorie chart of commonly used foods which parents can use to keep track of calorie content in meals.  

The second part of the book contains healthy kids recipes of lip-smacking dishes, from kids snack recipes to healthy breakfast ideas for kids to even healthy evening snacks for kids. The recipes cover both Indian and international cuisines, and you’ll find recipes for baked vada pav, crispy Alfredo toast, chipotle roll, vegetable hot dog, frankie, Jell-O, fudge and other healthy dishes for kids. The book also contains other advice by nutritionist and founder of Selfcare, Suman Agarwal, like the effects ‘phubbing’ and FOMO can have on kids. Each chapter of the book addresses important issues related to kids’ health and gives parents the tools needed to tackle the same.  

With obesity becoming a major problem around the world, and with food apps making it increasingly easy to order and eat junk food, we need to take swift strides towards teaching our children to eat healthier. Gift your child this book to help them develop a love for healthy foodstuffs. 

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    Chana Jor Bhel

    137 kcal 10 mins

    Baked chana jor lends a healthy twist to India's popular street snack

    Healthy Summer Smoothie Bowl

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