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SelfCare by Suman

SelfCare's Kaneka Ubiquinol

SelfCare's Kaneka Ubiquinol

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If you are looking for a miracle vitamin that helps with fatigue, fertility and healthy heart, Kaneka’s Ubiquinol is a must to include in your vitamin regimen.

Ubiquinol is a reduced, easily absorbable form of CoQ10, a fat soluble essential quinone molecule found in nearly every cell, tissue and organ in the body.

The highest concentration of this nutrient can be found in dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, seafood and organ meats.

As we age, the levels decline due to our body’s inability to produce adequate amount of CoQ10, insufficiency in the diet, reduced conversion of CoQ10 to Ubiquinol and increased oxidative stress or disease.

Thus, supplementation of ubiquinol above the age of 30 becomes increasingly important to maintain an active healthy lifestyle with more energy and stamina, or for those who are affected by fatigue, chronic diseases like CVD, hypertension, periodontal diseases and diabetes-related conditions.

The purest form of Ubiquinol from Japan is now available at SelfCare. Stay tuned to know more about the benefits of this miracle vitamin.

1. Heart friendly
2. Improves post covid fatigue
3. Improves athletic performance
4. Helps with men & women infertility issues
5. Replenishes Ubiquinol in people who are on statins
6. Supports healthy ageing
7. Helps in stress management
8. Provides High level of antioxidants for smokers




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