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Nutrova Pea Protein

Nutrova Pea Protein

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Nutrova’s organic pea protein supplements are a great source of vegan protein. Pea protein is made by extracting protein from yellow peas. It suits all kinds of diets since it is a plant-based protein powder and is also hypoallergenic. This vegan protein powder can be added to smoothies and shakes to give them a nutritious boost. Pea protein is high-quality protein and is also a great source of iron. It aids muscle growth, weight loss and heart health. Since it is a high-satiety foodstuff, it prevents you from snacking and this aids your weight loss goals.It is a good subsitute as a protein powder for people who are lactose intolerant. 

Nutrova’s pea protein powder contains 80% protein content, with 8 grams of protein in every 10-gram scoop. It contains no added sugars, artificial sweeteners, flavours or additives. It is also gluten-free and perfect for your healthy lifestyle. This protein supplements can be consumed at any time through the day but is especially effective after workouts. Consume daily for best results.  

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