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SelfCare by Suman

Lean & Trim

Lean & Trim

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  • WHAT IT IS: HealthAid offers an optimal weight management solution suitable for both men and women. With its unique properties, individuals of any gender can effectively pursue their weight loss goals. Moreover, enriched with natural dietary fiber, it helps provide comprehensive support for your workout regimen, supporting you in achieving your fitness targets effortlessly
  • MANAGE CRAVINGS & HELPS CONTROL APPETITE: Formulated with ingredients to help curb emotional cravings & reduce calorie intake, our formula goes beyond promoting rapid belly fat loss. You can achieve your fitness goals while learning healthier eating habits. It helps control appetite and aids in weight reduction by using your fat reserves to produce energy.
  • A PERFECT COMPANION IN YOUR WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY: These oral strips are formulated to address weight challenges, assisting in shedding excess pounds and crafting a leaner, trimmer, and healthier body. Infused with Glucomannan, a natural dietary fiber, they support appetite control, promoting a sense of fullness and helping manage cravings for better weight management. Your partner in achieving a healthier, trimmer body - naturally and effectively!
  • METABOLISM BOOSTER WITH CHROMIUM SUPPORT: These strips are enriched with Forslean, a potent herb extract from Coleus Forskohlii, renowned for promoting lean muscle mass. As a metabolism booster, they play a vital role in effective weight management. Additionally, infused with Chromax, a mineral, these oral strips aid in carbohydrate metabolism, help in maintaining stable blood sugar levels, and curb cravings, thereby giving a kick start to your weight loss journey.
  • SUGAR-FREE & SUPER EASY TO USE: Our product offers a sugar-free formula, promoting a healthy approach to weight management, while also being convenient to use. Simply take one strip daily, 30 minutes before a meal, and place it on your tongue to dissolve effortlessly. Consume 1-2 Strips daily for optimal results.
  • Thisolves : We are Aarkios, are excited to announce the launch of our newest offering Thisolves. The name Thisolves creatively intertwines This Solves & Dissolves stating a message that this solves Weight Challenge as it Dissolves

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Product Based Recipes

Destress Delight Collagen Smoothie

148 kcal 2 mins

A naturally sweet, cool and calming drink with a perfect blend of berries, veggies and collagen

Chana Jor Bhel

137 kcal 10 mins

Baked chana jor lends a healthy twist to India's popular street snack

Healthy Summer Smoothie Bowl

213 kcal 10 mins

Beat the heat with this super delicious and healthy smoothie bowl which can be had at any time of the...