Weight loss with
ailment control

We believe in personalized, happy & natural diets which take care of any ailments like diabetes, high cholesterol, BP, knee & back pain, gas, acidity, IBS and water retention.

Diet for
Pregnancy & Lactation

We help with healthy weight gain during pregnancy keeping in mind optimum growth of child and nutrition for mother and healthy weight loss during Lactation.

Child and Teenage

Our diets help Children & Teens to achieve their optimum height, perform better in school, during exams and also cope up with changing hormones while growing.

Post Cancer

Our cancer diets are high in antioxidants, low in sugar and well balanced with first class proteins.


Diabetes is a slow killer. We not only plan diabetic diet to manage blood sugar levels but also prevent the complications related to it.

PCOS & Hormone

This program is designed to manage symptoms of PCOD like irregular periods, sweet cravings, weight gain & other hormonal imbalance.


At Selfcare we strike the right ratio of carbohydrate and protein rich foods to gain muscle, improve good fat and help you gain weight with optimum exercise.

Senior citizen

This diet focuses to prevent memory loss, improve energy, fight back illness and manage any chronic health problems with proper nutrition.


The diet is made keeping in mind the increased requirements of certain nutrients depending on their training, frequency and intensity that will help to achieve the ultimate goal.


We offer variety of on the go munchies, cook books and vast range of vitamins curated by our team of experts after testing each product to ensure that we give our clients the finest of the nutrients.

Mind Health

We, at Selfcare, believe that “your body achieves what your mind believes”. Our therapist, Ridhi Golechha understands your life story and empowers you to achieve your highest goals.


To support weight loss we also offer non surgical inch-loss treatments like Fat freezing, skin tightening and cellulite reduction to get rid of loose skin and stubborn fat.



We design tailor-made food and exercise plan, which address everything from efficient weight loss to healthy ageing.


Our nutritionists are constantly in touch with you via call, video call, whatsapp ,face time, messages etc for any health or diet related queries.

Lifestyle correction

We teach you to know your body better and educate you about healthy eating so that you can make informed choices for rest of your life.

Travel & Eat out friendly

We have multiple cuisine options, restaurant menus, holiday survival guide, which will allow you to follow the diet wherever you are in this world.

Reversal of ailment

Our focus is not just weight loss but an attempt to reverse any possible ailment with well balanced meal, vitamin support and healthy lifestyle.

Regular Follow ups & Motivation

Clients tend to go off track and give up on their diet, but with constant support and hand holding we motivate them to come back on track and achieve their goal.

We also offer..

Corporate Programs

We at SelfCare understand the importance of health at work & its effects on the productivity of an employee. We understand that an employee spends majority of his day at work & most of his time is spent on desk with minimal physical movement. We provide corporate wellness programs designed to support a healthy lifestyle. We believe it should be a prerogative to attain physical-mental well being! Our wellness programs includes educational seminars on guidance & benefits of healthy eating and dangers of sedentary lifestyle, medical test assistance, personalized diet plans & easy exercise schedule for employees.

Nutrition Education Programs

Many studies have shown that eating habits are established early in the life cycle and tend to carry through to adulthood. We bring to you a specialised nutrition program for Students.Our aim is to educate children about nutrition at a young age and empower them to make healthy lifestyle choices for the rest of their lives. Right nutrition guidance not only helps them to attain optimal height and weight but enhance their academic and athletic performance. Our program includes a yearly education curriculum, diet & exercise consultations with the child and parent, and balancing the school canteen menu.